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1993         University of Tennessee, Knoxville: M.S. Communications.

1976         University of Arizona, Tucson:  Interdisciplinary M.S. Biology /
                        Scientific Illustration.

1973        Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, New York: B.S. Studio Art                           (printmaking).


2012-             Owner, Wynne Brown LLC

2022              Pima County Public Library Spring Writer in Residence 
                             (February – April)

1999-             Freelance writer/editor/designer. Knoxville, Tenn., Tucson and                          Portal, Ariz.

2007-2011    Publications and Project Manager, Science Approach, Tucson.

2004-2006    Director of Publications, Center for Image Processing in                                        Education (CIPE), Tucson.

2003-2004   Senior Media Specialist, Center for Image Processing in                                          Education (CIPE), Tucson.

1994-1999   Copy editor, staff writer. The Knoxville News-Sentinel, Knoxville,                            Tenn.

1993-1994    Instructor (Editing, Graphics). School of Journalism, Univ. of                                 Tennessee, Knoxville.

1991-1993    Editorial assistant for Journalism Educator, University of                                        Tennessee, Knoxville.

1990-1991    Stringer. The Knoxville Journal, Knoxville

1980-1992    Owner of Brownline Graphics, Knoxville

1981-1981    Instructor (Scientific Illustration). University of Tennessee                                       Evening School.

1978-1980   Manager of the Photo-Illustration Facility, Univ. of Tennessee,                              Knoxville.

1977-1978   Studies Coordinator of the Oil Spill Project,
                       Ministry for Conservation, Vic., Australia.

1974-1976   Teaching assistant (Scientific Illustration). University of     
                       Arizona, Tucson.

1973-1974   Assistant to the Resident Director,
                        Southwestern Research Station of the American Museum of
                       Natural History, Portal, Ariz.


2016-present   ~ Developmental/line/copy editing and book design for
                              various fiction/nonfiction independently published book
                              authors, Tucson and elsewhere;
                           ~ Research/writing biography of Sara Lemmon,
                              published Fall 2021 by Bison Books/University of
                              Nebraska – followed by 70+ related presentations.

2013-2016      ~ Copy editing learning modules for Symmetry Creative
                            Products/Pearson, LearningMate, FYI Online Learning;
                        ~ Developmental/copy editing for various fiction/nonfiction

2012-2015       Technical editing/development for Hewlett-Packard via
                            Golden Ink, Santa Fe, N.M.

2011-2015       Editing; developing science mini-books for Grades K-3 for
                            Science A-Z, Tucson, among others

2013-2014       Project management, co-editing, design, layout/production
                           for Cave Creek Canyon: Revealing the Heart of Arizona’s
                           Chiricahua Mountains
(100+ contributors)

2011-2016        Developmental/copy editing for Learning A-Z, Tucson

2011-2014        Scientific textbook illustrations for Carolina Biological Supply
                            Co., Burlington, N.C.


2022           Spur Award for Best Western Biography for The Forgotten

                    WILLA Literary Award for Best Creative Nonfiction for
                   The Forgotten Botanist

                    Arizona Authors Association Best Published Nonfiction
                   for The Forgotten Botanist

                    Southwest Book of the Year Top Pick for The Forgotten

                    National Federation of Press Women (NFPW): Honorable
                    Mention for Biography/History for The Forgotten Botanist,
                    At-Large Division

2021            National Federation of Press Women (NFPW) Communications
                     Contest: Personal Newsletter: Sara Lemmon Project Newsletter:
                     First Place, At-Large Division; Second Place, National Division.

2017-18       Funding from private foundation for research and travel
                      for biography of Sara Plummer Lemmon.

2017           Funding from Money for Women/Barbara Deming Memorial
                       Fund Inc for research and travel for biography of
                       Sara Plummer Lemmon.

2016           Publication of the Year by Public Lands Alliance for
                         Cave Creek Canyon: Revealing the Heart of Arizona’s
                         Chiricahua Mountains

2015          ~ Best Nonfiction by Arizona Authors Association: for
                            Cave Creek Canyon
                  ~ Best Edited Book by Arizona Professional Writers: for
                           Cave Creek Canyon.
                  ~ Finalist for Best Anthology by New Mexico/Arizona
                           Book Awards for Cave Creek Canyon 
                  ~ Finalist for Best Travel Book by New Mexico/Arizona
                           Book Awards for Cave Creek Canyon 

2006         First place in Nonfiction by Arizona Press Women for
                    Falcon Guide to Trail Riding Arizona.

2003         Second Place for Nonfiction by Arizona Press Women for
                      More Than Petticoats: Remarkable Arizona Women.

2000         SPJ Golden Press Card Honorable Mention:
                       Work for Other Media (Newsletter Design)

1999         Knoxville News-Sentinel
                       Outstanding Editorial Employee Achievement Award

1998        SPJ Golden Press Card Award of Merit:
                       Series Writing (Positron Emission Tomography)

1997        Scripps Howard Award for Non-deadline Writing:
                        Positron Emission Tomography series

1994        Fellowship: Poynter Institute for Media Studies,
                      St. Petersburg, Fla. for a journalism educator.

1993        Chancellor’s Citation for Extraordinary Professional Promise,
                      University of Tennessee.

1991-1993    Graduate assistantship, School of Journalism,
                         Univ. of Tennessee.  Editorial assistant.

1992         Outstanding Master’s Student, College of Communications,
                         University of Tennessee.

1991          Fellowship: American Chemical Society,
                     Science Reporters’ Workshop, Washington, D. C.

PUBLICATIONS (selected list)

Books  (author, co-author, project manager, editor, and/or contributor)

Brown, Wynne (2022). Remarkable Arizona Women (3rd edition). Guilford, Conn.: Globe Pequot Press. 

Brown, Wynne. 2021. The Forgotten Botanist: Sara Plummer Lemmon’s Life of Science and Art. Lincoln, NE: Bison Books/University of Nebraska Press.

Brown, Wynne and Reed Peters, eds. 2019. Cave Creek Canyon: Revealing the Heart of Arizona’s Chiricahua Mountains (2nd edition). Rodeo, N.M.: ECO Wear & Publishing.

Magrane, Eric and Christopher Cokinos. 2016. The Sonoran Desert: A Literary Field Guide. Tucson: University of Arizona Press. (Contributed one poem.)

Brown, Wynne and Reed Peters. 2014. Cave Creek Canyon: Revealing the Heart of Arizona’s Chiricahua Mountains. Rodeo, N.M.: ECO Wear & Publishing.

Brown, Wynne, 2012. More Than Petticoats: Remarkable Arizona Women (2nd edition). Guilford, Conn.: Globe Pequot Press. (Released in honor of Arizona’s Centennial.)

Brown, Wynne, et al. 2011. Spilled: A Collection by the Dry River Poets. Tucson, Ariz.: Casa Luna Press.

Brown, Wynne. 2006. The Falcon Guide to Trail Riding Arizona. Guilford, Conn.: Globe Pequot Press.

Brown, Wynne. 2003. More Than Petticoats: Remarkable Arizona Women. Guilford, Conn.: Globe Pequot Press.

Reiland, Rachel. 2002. I’m Not Supposed to Be Here. Milwaukee, Wisc.: Eggshells Press. (Editor, contributor)

Kreger, Randi and James Paul Shirley. 2002. The Stop Walking on Eggshells: Taking Back Your Life When Someone You Love Has Borderline Personality Disorder. Oakland, Calif.: New Harbinger. (Editor)

Glory: A Nation’s Spirit Defeats the Attack on America. 2001. Alpine, Calif.: Sands Publishing. (Contributed one essay.)

A Pictorial Atlas of Australia, 1976. Windsor, Victoria, Australia: Lloyd O’Neil Publ. Co., Rigby Ltd. (Illustrated two full-page spreads.)

100+ general interest and scientific articles, interviews, online lesson modules, and invited blog posts (author, co-author, project director, illustrator, designer, contributor, and/or editor)

1980 to present: Trade and general interest media outlets, including, in part: Planning, Associated Press, Scripps Howard News Service, Popular Science, Knoxville News-Sentinel, Arizona Highways, Melbourne (Victoria, Australia) Sun Herald, MetroPulse,,, Trail Runner, Western Horseman, Equus. Samples include:

Interview with Wynne Brown on her research on Sara Lemmon:  Arizona Public Media/NPR program, “Arizona Spotlight” (May 30, 2019, 9.5 minutes)

Brown, Wynne. 2019. “Botanist, Artist, Nurse and Teacher: Sara Plummer Lemmon.” Invited blog post for Women You Should Know, April 23, 2019:

Brown, Wynne. 2018. “A Friendship Revealed – and Revived?” Invited blog post for Smithsonian Institution Archives.

Brown, Wynne. 2017. “The Southwestern Legacy of Sara Lemmon.” Invited blog post for Arizona Highways.

Brown, Wynne. 2016. “Making Space for the Desert: Conservation Planning Connects People, Places, and Wildlife,” Planning magazine, Jan. 2016: 42-47.

Brown, Wynne, Hedley Bond, and Steven Moore. 2010.  “Who’s Killing Crystal Creek? Exploring a Local Stream’s Effect on Public Health” (Kit), Powers of Inquiry, Science Approach. Rochester, New York: Available from Ward’s Natural Science.

Brown, Wynne, Hedley Bond, and Steven Moore. 2007. “Noodling Neurons: A New View of Nerve Cells” (Lesson Prototype) Tucson, Arizona: Science Approach. Available from

Brown, Wynne (ed.). 2006. Discovering Image Processing (Version 2.0). Center for Image Processing in Education. Tucson: Arizona.

Brown, Wynne. 2005. “SIMPLE Science: A New Tool for Learning, Teaching, and Collaboration.” Poster, Digital Library for Earth System Education annual conference. St. Petersburg, Florida.

Roth, V.D. and W.L. Brown. 1986. Catalog of Nearctic Agelenidae.  Occasional Papers, The Museum of Texas Tech University (99).

Brown, W.L. 1980. Atlas of biological and recreational resources of the Victorian coast. Environmental Studies Program, Ministry for Conservation, Victoria, Australia.

Bond, H.W. and W.L. Brown. 1979. The exploitation of floral nectar in Eucalyptus incrassata by honeyeaters and honeybees. Oecologia 44:105-111.

Roth, V.D. and W.L. Brown. 1980. Arthropoda:  Insecta (Insects) and Arthropoda:  Arachnida (Mites, spiders, and scorpions), pp. 326-346, and 347-355 in R.C. Brusca (ed.) Common Intertidal Invertebrates of the Gulf of California, 2nd ed. Tucson: University of Arizona Press.

Roth, V.D. and W.L. Brown. 1976. Other intertidal air-breathing arthropods, pp. 119-150, in L. Cheng (ed.) Marine Insects, North Holland, Amsterdam.

Roth, V.D. and W.L. Brown. 1975. A new genus of Mexican intertidal zone spider (Desidae) with biological and behavioral notes. Am. Mus. Nov. 2658: 1-7.


Current Membership in Professional Organizations

   National Association of Science Writers

   Society of Professional Journalists

   Editorial Freelancers Association

   National Federation of Press Women

   Arizona Professional Writers

   Arizona Authors Association

   Women Writing the West

   Western Writers of America

Community Service Activities

2021-           Arizona Historical Society – Board Member, State Board
                        of Directors, Pima County Representative

2024-          Chiricahua Regional Council, Portal, Ariz. Board member, Past President 

2012-2024  Chiricahua Regional Council, Portal, Ariz. President

2014-2016   Member, U.S. Forest Service: three Sky Islands
                      Sustainable Recreation teams

2011-2019   Board Member: Friends of Cave Creek Canyon, Portal, Ariz. 

2004-2012  Board Member: Chiricahua Regional Council, Portal, Ariz.

2004-2014   Citizen scientist/wildlife tracker: Sky Island Alliance,
                       Tucson/Portal, Ariz. 

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