Writing Samples


  • Travel writing

~ Your Life as a Trip: Finding Courage in a Foreign Language
~ Arizona Highways: Biking to the Grand Canyon (p. 35-39)
~ Desert USA:  
Riding the Outlaw Trail
Arizona Highways: Tarantulas
~ Naturalist Journeys: Trinidad Trip Report

splashscreen copyOTHER PUBLICATIONS

  • General interest
    • Associated Press
    • Scripps Howard News Service
    • Popular Science
    • Trailrunner 
    • The Arizona Daily Star
    • MetroPulse (Knoxville, Tenn.) 
    • Tennessee Alumnus
    • *bylines* (masters thesis, “Literary Journalism in Medical Nonfiction”)
    • Environmental News Network.com
  • Science publications, Web sites
    • SIMPLE Science, http://www.simplescience.org (project director, Science Approach)
    • Discovering Image Processing (editor, CIPE, book/CD-ROM)
    • Guiding Light: Lessons in Optics and Imaging (Assoc. Project Director, CIPE, CD-ROM)
    • Atlas of Biological and Recreational Resources of the Victorian Coast, Ministry for Conservation, Victoria, Australia
    • Oecologia
    • Journal of Arachnology
    • Journal of  Arizona Academy of ScienceSalazar
    • American Museum Novitates
    • American Arachnologist
  • Equestrian periodicals
    • Western Horseman
    • Equus
    • Chronicle of the Horse
    • Endurance News
    • Trail Blazer
    • Paint Horse Journal
    • Arabian Horse World
    • Bit and Bridle
  • Book chapters, essays
    • “A Writer’s Job in a Time of Crisis” in Glory: A Nation’s Spirit Defeats the Attack on America. Sands Publishing.
    • “Illustrating Your Research Paper” in Handbook of Biological Investigation by Harrison Ambrose and Katharine Ambrose, Hunter Press.
    • “Australian Animals” in A Pictorial Atlas of Australia, Lloyd O’Neill Pty., Rigby Ltd, Australia.
    • “Arthropoda:  Insecta (Insects) and Arthropoda:  Arachnida (Mites, spiders, and scorpions)” in R.C. Brusca (ed.) Common Intertidal Invertebrates of  the Gulf of California, 2nd ed.  University of Arizona Press.
    • “Other intertidal air-breathing arthropods” in L. Cheng (ed.) Marine Insects, North Holland, The Netherlands.

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