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So … your manuscript is finished — congratulations!

Photo by PuraBajaBut maybe you need a copy editor to catch the stray typo, a missing serial comma, that elusive misspelling?

Or … perhaps you’re looking for someone who can help with the overall flow of your manuscript, the “Big Picture”?

Or … that annual report needs a proofreader, a fresh pair of eyes to check the final copy against the original text and find formatting errors?

Or … you have all the right words for your project — but no graphic designer to turn it into a newsletter or Powerpoint presentation?

Or … if only you could find an illustrator to do diagrams, charts, and maps?

Hi — I’m Wynne Brown, a freelance writer, editor, and graphic designer. I’m a one-stop pre-publication shop, and I’m here to help.

As the author of three books, in addition to many newspaper and magazine articles, I’ve written on topics including science, health, history, trails, environmental issues, horses, travel, the Southwest, books, and more. I’m currently working on a biography of Sara Plummer Lemmon, an 19th-century artist and botanist.

As an editor, I worked for six years as a copy editor at a mid-size daily newspaper. I spent another ten years editing and developing teaching materials for middle school, high school, and undergraduate science instruction. Now I edit memoirs, prescriptive nonfiction, and novels. I’m comfortable editing either in Associated Press style or according to the Chicago Manual of Style.

As an illustrator and a graphic designer, I’ve created scientific illustrations for books, journals, posters, and technical reports, as well as developing brochures, logos, and curricular materials.

I work with both large and small companies, including Hewlett-Packard, Carolina Biological Supply Company, Mayo Clinic, Golden Ink, Scripps Howard, Science Approach, and many others. I also work with individual authors who plan to submit their manuscripts to traditional publishers or who intend to publish their book independently.

Whatever your project, I look forward to hearing from you. And, if your project’s not a good fit for me, I’m happy to assist you in finding the help you need.


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8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank you! Thank you! Keep them coming, Wynne. At last, something of real interest in my inbox. Will you be in Portal for your birthday with “the December girls?”

  2. My daughter, Diana Freshwater, sent me this. I’ve been in your shoes, and I wish you the best of luck in finding a publisher. I will buy your book when it comes out.

  3. Just read your account of the hike. SOOOOOO glad you didn’t do it alone and that Laura was there to send you off with an interview. Can’t wait to hear the tale of the trail.

    1. I found your message! buried among 23,000+ spam messages … argh. Thanks for alerting me to it!
      Cheers, Wynne

    2. Thank you for the newsletter. I look forward to the next one. I enjoyed the pictures of Sara’s illustrations. Can’ t wait to read the book.

      I just read a book about the life of Sharlot Hall, also very interesting.

      1. Hi Sheila –
        Thanks so much for your comment! There’ll be another newsletter within the next month or so — and I hope to have good news about publication sometime SOON. In the meantime, I’d love to know which book you read about Sharlot Hall?

  4. WOW!
    Your description was absolutely fantastic. I am waiting for your book with happy anticipation. The cake designer had talent and patience to design Mt. Lemmon, — and being a Lemon cake was just the right touch. You are a very interesting speaker, and your writing is World Class

    1. Thank you, Fred, for the very kind words! Yes, the Mount Lemmon cake really was spectacular!

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